Jewelry brand GEVORGIAN® are author's ornaments from jewels and metals

Each of them - unique, everyone is a work of art. The certificate to that the awards received at leading jeweller exhibitions. Any new product GEVORGIAN - first of all, realisation of a courageous plan. Artists and jewellers, give it so much time and forces, how many will consider it necessary. Probably, therefore their hands so often leave original masterpieces.

The first collections brand GEVORGIAN have been presented in 2006. And at once have found the admirers. By then in Russia there was already a circle of the experts, ready to get the unique things which value will increase in due course only. Recognised style GEVORGIAN has arisen as connection of tradition of laborious manual skills and free, nothing of the held down imagination. In it are combined aspiration to classical canons of beauty and the thirst of novelty peculiar to young, growing masters.

The taste, skill and soul of the founders, invested in every bar, every detail.

Buyers see the feelings and the emotions faultlessly embodied in precious metal and jewels in products GEVORGIAN. Now, when they are not subject to time, they can be worried again and again, or to transfer to the loved one, as especial gift for especial event. And, certainly, this acquisition which will fill up a family collection of jewelry, or will begin it. Ornaments GEVORGIAN good possibility to show taste and originality, qualities which define position of the person in a society.