Customer service

Your piece of jewelry by GEVORGIAN is unique, therefore we recommend you to handle it with care, for your precious jewelry to delight your eye for years on end. If you do not were the item, it is advisable to keep it in the original jewelry branded case, or in another box or pouch, which shall be made of the relevant materials. GEVORGIAN brand offers you a wide range of services related to reconstruction and repair of the previously purchased from us piece of jewelry.

Simple Cleaning

Simple cleaning removes impurities, dust, fingerprints and small scratches from the surface of your jewelry.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

This deep and thorough professional cleaning will remove any dirt and debris from the jewel, to bring out its perfect luster. This service cannot be performed on pearls, emerald and certain delicate semi-precious stones.


Refurbishing Restores the original splendor and preciousness of your GEVORGIAN jewel and eliminates any superficial scratches reviving its initial luster. It includes professional polishing and cleaning of the item and also rhodium plating of white gold jewelry.


This service is available for items from our catalogue, namely, for rings, necklaces, and bracelets. There are certain limitations to resize specific models due to their unique design. Our consultants will inform you about the resizing specifications for each model.

Warranty and Repairs

No one is immune to accidental damage to your jewelry. We strongly recommend repairing your jewelry by GEVORGIAN only at our production site. For that purpose, contact our consultants in advance. Our highly-qualified and experienced specialists know how to deal with such issues.

Jewelry by GEVORGIAN are covered by a warranty for a period of 2 (two) years upon initial sale. The warranty covers any manufacturing defects in case of normal use of the product. Defects shall be confirmed by company specialists. This warranty does not cover the damage as a result of normal wear and tear, accidental damage and improper item use.