Emotions in jewels and a unique style of GEVORGIAN.

Jewellers of GEVORGIAN, being free from any old fashioned patterns are constantly creating masterpieces of Jeweller’s art, fascinating with an airy shape and a profound meaning.

Even the most incredulous critics appraise GEVORGIAN jewellery. Numerous awards from major trade exhibitions, both national and international, evidence this fact.

An extraordinary creative climate inspires the jewellers to seek for never-before-seen solutions, which allow setting off an immaculate beauty of precious and semi-precious stones. Skilful hands of GEVORGIAN jewellers breathe life into minerals, making them reveal their gorgeous shine.

GEVORGIAN’s formula of success consists of an imagination of artists, virtuosity of jewellers and focus on our customers’ needs. Each collection is characterized with an immaculate elegance and style, reflecting an aesthetic of modern society.

Each person will find a reflection of his or her emotions, embodied into precious metals and jewels of any brand collection.

GEVORGIAN jewellers take their inspiration from the world around them. Nevertheless, they do not pattern after natural shapes; they let them through their hearts and animate their jewellery. Each time they manage to find a brand new interpretation of threadbare themes.

GEVORGIAN jewellery will ideally make up any family jewels collection or set up this tradition, as they emphasize an aesthetic sense and personality of its owner.

The Art is timeless…